Publication Ethics

The statement of the scientific code of ethics is a statement of the code of ethics of all parties involved in the publication process of this scientific journal, namely managers, editors, peer reviewers, and authors. This statement of the code of ethics for scientific publications is based on the Regulation of the Head of LIPI Number 5 of 2014 concerning the Code of Ethics for Scientific Publications, which essentially upholds three ethical values in publications, namely (i) Neutrality, which is free from conflicts of interest in the management of publications; (ii) Justice, namely granting authorship rights to those entitled to become authors/writers; and (iii) Honesty, which is free from duplication, fabrication, falsification, and plagiarism (DF2P) in publications.

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  1. Lead and be responsible for journal management
  2. Organize the journal
  3. Make a decision whether the proposed manuscript can be published in Jurnal Kesehatan Kusuma Husada.
  4. Select, assign and appoint peer reviewer members based on their expertise
  5. Schedule accepted manuscripts for publication
  6. Manage the workload balance between editors and reviewers
  7. Resolve disputes or disagreements regarding the editing and publication of manuscripts in journals
  8. Conducting overall publishing evaluation


  1. Responsible for the peer review process of the manuscript
  2. Select manuscripts that enter the first time
  3. Determine whether a manuscript deserves to be published and determine the schedule for publishing the manuscript
  4. Determine the right reviewer to review the manuscript
  5. Responsible for grammar
  6. Correcting case, typing errors, punctuation, and language logic. The results of the copyedited corrections are sent to the author for further correction by the author whether, with the grammatical correction, the meaning/content of the sentence expressed by the author has changed or not. After correction from the Author, the manuscript is sent back to the Editorial Team for re-correction. Then the script proceeds to the layout edit process.
  7. Responsible for script layout and galleys
  8. The manuscript is re-corrected for its layout/layout and then a galley/text format is determined which can be viewed in full text and can be downloaded by the reader
  9. Completely re-corrected for the perfection of the manuscript before publication
  10. Responsible for the finalization of the manuscript


  1. Responsible for manuscript review
  2. Provide recommendations regarding the manuscript as a reference for the Editor Team in determining decisions
  3. Provide suggestions for improvements of the manuscript
  4. Evaluate the manuscript to assess the suitability of the manuscript based on the following criteria:
    • Assess the importance of written topics for the development of knowledge and practice of health sciences
    • Consider whether the manuscript presents original ideas
    • Consider the appropriateness of the logic, methods and procedures used in the manuscript so as to support the conclusions drawn.
    • Consider the effectiveness of the presentation.
  5. Fill out the manuscript evaluation form and send it to the Editor Team


  1. Responsible for the journal site
  2. Manage the configuration and appearance of the journal site
  3. Manage filing administration and journal publishing management
  4. Manage the administration of financial management
  5. Marketing the Journal to potential customers
  6. Distribute journals to journal authors and bookers


  1. Responsible for submitting manuscripts
  2. Revise the manuscript in accordance with the corrections given by the reviewer
  3. Fill out the Author's statement


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